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Dolcezza Fiore (Floriscount x Dr. Jackson D) was a surpise Easter gift; the filly was born on Easter Sunday 2019. From the very first moments of her life, she stole our hearts thanks to her unique charm, beauty and friendly personality. She truly is a black pearl, and her colour was a surprise to us all. Her sire is the chestnut stallion Floricount and her dam, Dolce Vita III, is bay, but the filly was born jet black with three white socks, just like her sire. She is a sassy lady, very curious, friendly and independent.

Dolcezza Fiore’s sire is the world-renowned Oldenburg stallion Floriscount (Florencio I x Donnerhall), widely used across Europe in dressage horse breeding. He is one of 40 licensed sons of Florencio I (Florestan x Weltmeyer), who twice won the World Dressage Championships for Young Horses. Florscount’s dam was the elite mare Arkona (Donnerhall x Walldorf I), who also produced the licensed stallion Sandakan (by Sandro Hit). Arkona’s dam, Arwaldis (Walldorf I x Tin Rocco), was an elite state premium mare and became Oldenburg Reserve Champion Mare in 1991.

Floriscount himself came first out of the 39 young stallions in his stallion performance test, achieving an outstanding dressage index of 147.49. He has sired 16 approved sons, inluding for example Ferguson (Floriscount x Lauries Crusador xx), Floris Prince (Floriscount X Prince Thatch), Florisco (Floriscount x Sandro Hit) and Finnigan (Floriscount x Don Schufro), and 68 state premium mares. He has scored 10 out of 10 for canter and rideability and is curretly competing in grand prix dressage. Floriscount is one of the very few stallions who consitently pass on excellent canter and conformation to his offspring.

Dolcezza Fiore’s dam, Dolce Vita III (Dr Jackson D x Jazzman), is an Oldenburg mare born at Quadriga Dressurpferdehaltung in Radeburg, Germany, in 2009. Her pedigree is a combination of two exceptional dressage bloodlines – those of Donnerhall and Jazz.

Dolce Vita’s sire, Dr Jackson D, was an elite stallion, descending from the legendary Donnerhall. For several years, he placed among the top 1% of the best dressage sires; a worthy company to stallions with top breeding indexes such as for example Damon Hill, Don Schufro, Estobar, Fürst Romancier, Jazz, Londontime, Sir Donnerhall and Vivaldi. Dr Jackson D sired several approved sons, for example  Delamanga (Dr Jackson D x Heraldik xx) and Don O’Malley (Dr Jackson D x Lutz), as well as elite (e.g.  Donna Rubina by Dr Jackson D x Fürst Heinrich) and state premium mares (e.g. Donna by Dr Jackson D x Chinatown xx and Dolce Vita I by Dr Jackson D x Jazzman). He is also the sire of several successful sports horses, achieving top marks in high-level national and international dressage competitions.

Dolce Vita III represents the damline of Waldhexe, one of the most successful mare lines in Oldenburg.  Dolce Vita’s dam – Jaqueline (Jazzman x Campari M) – is an elite state premium mare who produced several successful dressage horses, including Dr Q (Dr Jackson D x Jazzman), competing up to advanced level dressage, and Ron Carla (Ron Rubin x Jazzman), also a successful dressage horse. Jaqueline also produced several state premium mares, including the aforementioned Dolce Vita I (Dr Jackson D x Jazzman), nominated for the prestigious ‘Oldenburger Briliantring’ award from the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Association. The offspring of Jacqueline also includes several premium foals, elite auction finalists and approved stallions.

Dolcezza Fiore’s third dam, the elite Oldenburg mare Cosmopolitan (Campari M x Akzent II) produced extremely talented grand prix dressage horses, including Dorothee Schneider’s ride Don Cismo (Diamond Hit x Campari M), Royalpolitan (Ron Rubin x Campari M) and Diamantina (Diamond Hit x Campari M), competing at grand prix level in Australia and Borneo under Maree Tomkinson.

We do believe that our little black pearl, descending from such exceptionally successful lines, will one day achieve the very top of her abilities, winning medals and trophies in dressage.



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