Cheyenne (Millennium T x Fürst Romancier) is a young Oldenburger mare born in Pilchowo Stud, Poland, in 2017.

Cheyenne is a mare with a friendly and open-minded personality, interested in discovering new tasks and challenges. Nowadays she stays on the free stable in the age-mate group . Every day she stays in touch with her keepers. We strongly believe our sweet pearl thanks to her fantastic range of genes has a huge chance to conquer the world of sport and to get successes in breeding in the future.

From the first moments of her life she has impressed us by her outstanding outlook and incredible charm. At the beginning we called her Miss Firefly by his dad Millennium T, but after some time we decided to change her name to Cheyenne in order to underline the significance of her maternal line.

When she was 3 weeks old she got her first but not last title of  Champion (1 st place) of the Foal Show in Konikowo Stud in Poland (she introduced herself during this event under the name Miss Firefly).

Another victory and at once the title of the Champion she achieved at the Specialist Foal Show in the Class of Yearlings in Udorz in Poland at the age of 15 months. During this event she was awarded with phenomenal scores: 10,0 for type and condition, 9,5 for the gaits – trot and walk. With those high notes she defeated plenty of the young mares and stallions of her age group.

Cheyenne represents the outstanding genes of Trakehner horses from the paternal line and concurrently genes of the great Oldenburger mare line.

The sire of Cheyenne – Millennium T (Easy Game x Ravel) is an elite stallion, contemporary legend of worldwide breeding and the sire of the circa 50 approved stallions at the moment being, e.g. .: Morricone (Millennium T x Rubin Royal), Ivanhoe (Millennium T x Hohenstein), Sir Sansibar (Millennium T x Cadeau), Marc Cain (millennium T x Don Primero), Maracana (Millenium T x Lord Loxley), Millepoint (Millennium T x Fürst Heinrich) and 45 of state premium mares. Among Millennium’s offspring there are lots of finalists of  the breeding or sport shows and the winners of sport competitions for dressage and free time sport.

The aunt of Cheyenne and at once the full sister of Millennium T – Maxima (Easy Game x Ravel) is an incredibly talented sports mare that has lot of successes in free time sport of international arenas. In 2018 she took part in CCI2 competition Strzegom October Festival in Poland, Maxima is a state premium mare awarded with the title ‘Trakehner Champion Mare 2010’.

The sire of Millennium T – Easy Game- is the father of many talented and successful sport horses of the highest level of dressage. The dam of Millennium T – Merle – is the mare that used to also take part in dressage sport. And the dam sire of Millennium T – Ravel – was a multiple winner of the highest dressage.

The dam of Cheyenne – Cherokee (Fürst Romancier x Rubinstein I) is an Oldenburger mare born in 2012 in Emstek in Germany. She is beautiful and full of charm with a charismatic personality. The mare has been awarded with 8.0 points for beautiful and noble head by the Oldenburger Commission.

The grandsire and at once sire of Cheyenee’s dam - - Fürst Romancier – was awarded the Oldenburg main premium for stallions. He completed his 70 – day test for stallions in Schlickau with a fantastic score for dressage 148,92 and for a couple of years he used to rank highly in 1 % top of stallions of the highest breeding index value.

His first crop made a huge impression among the breeders and fans of dressage. Meanwhile one of the dressage sport shows one of - Fürst Romancier sons (Fürst Romancier x Sir Donnerhall I) was sold for 750.00 euro. Other his offspring like the gelding First Romancier (Fürst Romancier x Day Dream) was the finalist of the World Cup in CHIO Aachen and took part in plenty of competitions of the Grand Prix and Intermediate I level with German dressage competitor Dorothee Schneider, scoring often over 75 %.  Other son - Flying Dancer OLD ( Fürst Romancier x Sir Donnerhall I) that belongs to Dorothee Schneider as well won Bundeschampionat in Germany in the 6 year category and was the finalist of the European Cup for Young Horses in Ermelo in 2018.

Fürst Romancier is the sire of 30 approved sons and 70 state premium mares. The stallion is able to improve correctness of conformation and quality of basic gates in his offspring.

Fürst Romancier comes out of one of the most talented and renowned mare lines – Edoste, that represents a great deal of highly talented dressage horses at Grand Prix level.

Cheyenne comes out of one of the best Oldenburger sport mare lines. The granddam of Cheyenne - Caprice (Rubinstein I x Ramino) is an elite and state premium mare, that is active in dressage and jump sport and she continues her breeding carrier as well. Almost all of her offspring follows her foots and takes part actively in sport. The great-granddam of Cheyenne - Carella (Ramino x Weltmeister) is also elite and state premium mare that with the world-renowned Westphalian stallion, legendary Rubinstein I produced 7 incredible offspring, highly placed in dressage and eventing sport at Grand Prix level. One of that offspring – elite stallion ogier Rubin Star N (Rubinstein I x Ramino) was the brilliant winner of Grand Prix level competition in dressage and meanwhile the sire of plenty of highly gifted sport horses of dressage and eventing sport. Rubin Star N is an unique example of the stallion that completed his 70 – day test for stallions with an excellent score both in dressage – 138,49 and jumping – 123.13. His full brother - Ronaldo – (Rubinstein I x Ramino) used to take part in in dressage and jumping sport. Carella’s two daughters - Castella (Randezvous) and Callista, both full sisters of Cheyenne’s  grandmother – Caprice.

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