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„...- Mom, what are your interested in apart from horses?...
                                      - ... In foals......”


Animals have been in my life since ever – and since my youngest years I have been interested in their customs, behaviours, the relationships between them, and the ways they interact with the world. My family house used to be a home for numbers of dogs, cats, and various rodents. But it has always been the horse to be the object of my childhood dreams, and wonders. I would draw this beautiful and mysterious animal all the time, with all of my passion and enthusiasm, inspired by our hand-painted plates covered in images of Tadeusz Kościuszko. And I would wait for horses to finally become more than just paintings; to become a part of my life - my real life - like those dogs, those cats, and those hamsters.

The new chapter in the life of mine and my family’s has started upon the arrival of a bay Wielkopolski gelding Apollo, who not only did revolutionize my views, but also taught me how to be patient, and showed me the meaning of humility. He was not only my friend, but also a great professor. I owe him all of the first cups and rosettes to appear on my house’s shelves. It was him I started my journey with in para-dressage, and with whom – after a few years – I took part in my first Polish Para-Dressage Championships in the Aromer Club near Warsaw. He gave me lots of joy and enabled me to participate in my dressage competitions.

In the same time, another horse appeared in our lives. It was a grey mare with a unique personality and character, Mora – or Obłoczek (little cloudlet), as called by Friends. Mora was an incredibly important part of our Family; she taught us empathy, and compassion, and showed us which values actually matter in life. And even though She is not any longer with us, there is always going to be this part of her exceptional personality, that will stay in us, and parts of which we will for some reason always find in our other horses. With the passage of time, other horses started to appear in our life. The appearance of a Rhenish Warmblood mare Lotte (Lord Loxley x Grosso Z) initiated the idea of buying broodmares and breeding our own wonderful sport horses. And then – from thought to action; a successful debut began with the coming to world of our very first foal, Cheyenne (Millennium T x Fürst Romancier). The filly is my pride, having already been a champion of both breeding exhibitions she has attended so far while being just one-and-a-half year old.

Sky Ring is my dreams coming true. It is a small family business that owes its name to my Daughter. Every day I receive great uplift and support from my Husband and Children. I also owe a great deal of contribution and support to my Mom, whose fascination with horses caused Her to put lots of Her attention and heart into our undertaking and to make my dreams a reality.


Sometimes dreams come true and it is worth to have them always.

Monika Kołakowska, graduated from University of Warsaw (MSC in Protection of Environment), University of Life Sciences in Wrocław (post-graduated from Horse Breeding and Horse Riding), a mom of three lovely children,  an owner of unusual herd of horses and two dogs. Horse breeding is my life passion. Moreover I am interested in every matter of equestrian world, dressage and psychology and behaviour of animals.

In my daily routine together with my husband I’d like to always spend time watching a good movie.



Monika Kołakowska

Ul. Świderska 109G/21

03-128 Warszawa

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